Annual General Meeting

The Annual Meeting of Corporate Members took place on Thursday, September 24, 2015 at Mitaanjigamiing First Nation.  Attached is the 2015 Annual Report for public viewing.

Annual Meeting “The Traditional Selection Process”

Traditional Selection

In keeping with the cultural teachings of the Anishinaabe,  
Weechi-it-te-win Family Services has utilized a traditional selection process.  The Annual meeting “business” is conducted within the roundhouse of the First Nation’s community; it is completed with a sacred opening including the pipe and maangoinini - Weechi-it-te-win’s grandfather drum.   Once the regular business is completed, the sacred selection ceremony is completed.  In this traditional selection, a nomination processes is completed and sanctioned by the grandfather drum.  Although there are many sacred teachings involved in this ceremony, only some of the information can be presented in this website. 

Annual Meeting Purpose

An annual meeting of members shall be held to hear and receive reports and statements as required by the Act; to elect, by a customary and traditional selection process, Directors and officers; to appoint, and fix payment for, an auditor; to transact other business that may be properly brought before the meeting.

Appointment of Officers

At the annual meeting of the Corporation, the members present are to elect by a customary and traditional selection processthe following Executive Officers from among the Directors:  a President, a Vice-President, and a Secretary-Treasurer. 

Term of Office

An Executive Officer of the Corporation shall hold office for one year from the date of election or until another is elected or appointed to take his/her place; provided that the Board may remove and replace in its discretion, any Executive Officer.

Additional Information

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