Children's Mental Health Program


The Children’s Mental Health Program provides quick access to brief interventions, support and services.  

Services for children and youth 0-18 and their parents are delivered through brief counselling and group based interventions. 

The Children’s Mental Health Program offers specialized programming in the areas of:

  • child development;
  • personal safety;
  • sexual abuse prevention;
  • domestic violence intervention;
  • bullying;
  • suicide prevention and intervention;
  • self- esteem, self-image, and wellness

Additional programming is available in the areas of:

  • traditional child rearing;
  • parenting/parent support;
  • coping and healthy relationship skills;
  • play-based activities to promote parent and child engagement and attachment;
  • child development support;
  • grief recovery programs.

Children’s Mental Health provides brief services (6 to 12) sessions for children and their families

Services for Children and Families:

  • Brief Services Intervention for children and families
  • Group-Based Intervention for children and families
  • Individual and family counseling support to children and parents/caregivers who participate in group intervention programs
  • Parent Support Groups/Circles
  • Parenting Groups/Parenting Skills Training
  • Personal Safety Groups/Circles
  • Bullying Awareness/Prevention Workshops
  • Self-esteem, relationship and coping skills for children and families
  • Suicide Prevention Workshops
  • Grief Recovery for children and families
  • School-based groups/workshops
  • Positive Youth Relationships “Choices” Workshops
  • White Bison Group Facilitation
  • Best Start Network Member Agency Representative

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