Ganawendaasowin Programs

Introducing Ganawendaasowin Youth Residential Programs

In April 2008, the Training and Learning Centre (TLC) underwent a comprehensive review that ultimately was the catalyst for structural change.  In 2010, the former TLC “Training and Learning Centre” went back to its original name ‘Ganawendaasowin” and a wholistic model was developed that included a continuum of care to include pre-treatment, stabilization and assessment; 90 day treatment program; and a new after care component. Under this new model, greater emphasis is attached to providing not only qualified clinical assessment and interventions but also a more wholistic framework of service provision.


Ganawendaasowin is an Anishinaabe term which translates to “caring for children in a careful manner.”  The program model is a wholistic healing framework and continuum of care.  All services at Ganawendaasowin are provided in a wholistic manner which means that all aspects of the youth’s being are considered (physical, emotional/social, cognitive, and spiritual) are considered during assessment, stabilization, planning for care, treatment process, and discharge planning for each adolescent that attends these programs.

Ganawendaasowin Continuum of Care


New and current staff receive ongoing training and professional development at the Ganawendaasowin Programs.  Such trainings include: Prevention and Management of Aggressive Behavior, Fire extinguisher operations, WHIMIS, First Aid and CPR, Applied suicide intervention skills training, mental health first aid, child/adult relationship enhancement, acceptance commitment therapy, motivational interviewing, as well as numerous cultural trainings/teachings.

In 2014, Weechi-it-te-win decided to terminate the lease with Ivik Youth Services and relocate the Ganawendaasowin Treatment Centre to the new property at McTavish.  The licensing process was restarted from in January 2015; and on June 23, 2015 the Ganawendaasowin Treatment Program received a provisional license as a nine (9) bed children’s residence.

Based on the fact that the Ganawendaasowin Programs are owned and operated by Weechi-it-te-win Family Services, the bi-cultural practice models applies to these programs.  Ganawendaasowin Programs are primarily cultural programs and Anishinaabe cultural teachings, customs, and practices are webbed throughout all programming including: school, life skills, clinical/counselling, and recreation.

“The primary emphasis for youth that stay at our Residential Programs is to stabilize behaviour, facilitate emotional growth, provide emotional nurturing, normalize routines and relationships, build self-esteem, develop social skills, provide drug, alcohol and abuse education, and facilitate positive contacts with family”

The Ganawendaasowin Assessment Program - GAP is a three bed children’s residence and 30 day Assessment and Stabilization Program. This program is designed as pre-treatment stabilization on a continuum of care for youth whom require comprehensive assessment to best determine and meet their needs post completion.

The Ganawendaasowin Treatment Program - GTP is nine (9) bed children’s residence and ninety (90) day treatment program located at 71 McTavish Road in Lavallee Township. This program is designed for youth who require intensive residential treatment for substance abuse problems or behavioral, emotional, or mental health issues. This program is the third quadrant on a continuum of care for the Ganawendaasowin Programs.

Kitchen Area at Ganawendaasowin Treatment Program - 71 McTavish Road

Lounge Area at Ganawendaasowin Treatment Program - 71 McTavish Road

One of the bedrooms at the Ganawendaasowin Treatment Centre


For more information about the Ganawendaasowin Programs, please contact Heidi Bolen-Kreger at 807-486-1618 

For information on referrals please contact the Staff Trainer/Intake Coordinator at 807-274-0483 extension 2 or


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