Mandate and Jurisdiction

Community Care - The Mandate

In March of 1982, the then Rainy Lake Region Tribal Area Chief’s resolved to create an "Anishinaabe Alternative" to child welfare, appointing a Native Child Welfare Planning Committee to develop a concept.  The Committee began work in January, 1983 and developed the following concept for community care among the First Nations of the Rainy Lake Tribal Area.

  • To preserve Anishinaabe culture and identity among our people
  • To strengthen and maintain Anishinaabe families and through them our communities and
  • To assure the growth, support and development of all our children with Anishinaabe families and communities


Weechi-it-te-win serves members and residents of the ten (10) surrounding First Nation Communities including:

  1. Anishinaabe of Naongoshiing (Big Island First Nation)
  2. Mishkosiminiziibiing (Big Grassy River)
  3. Onigaming First Nation
  4. Rainy River First Nation
  5. Naicatchewenin First Nation
  6. Mitaanjigamiing First Nation
  7. Couchiching First Nation
  8. Nigigoonsiminigaaning First Nation
  9. Seine River First Nation
  10. Lac La Croix First Nation

Effective December 2013, Weechi-it-te-win is able to provide service to members of the ten (10) First Nations who reside outside of the First Nation but within the Kenora and/or Rainy River Districts.

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