Quality Assurance Specialists and Program Data Specialist

Duane Allen


Waabinogaabo Nindizhinikaaz, Atik Nindoodem. Hi, my name is Duane Allen, Quality Assurance Specialist for Weechi-it-te-win Family Services. After obtaining my formal education at Lakehead University in Thunder Bay, I immediately entered the helping field. I come to the agency via Nigigoonsiminikaaning First Nation where I was in management, overseeing the Community Care Program, Mental Health, Health and Prevention programs. I enjoy working with Anishinaabe people, so this is a good opportunity to work with the communities.

I have enclosed a brief description of the Quality Assurance provided by OACAS:

"A formal set of activities that reviews and affects the quality of service provided. These activities provide both internal and external parties the confidence that the organization will consistently meet the requirements for quality"

QA provides activities that permit the agency to determine if service is being delivered according to established standards by identifying gaps and providing a means for improvement and maintaining excellence.

This includes defining practice standards, both western and cultural, developing tools, clarifying internal and external service processes, gathering and analyzing data for policy development, monitoring of services.

If you have any questions regarding Quality Assurance, my office is located in the Nanicost building, feel free to stop by to chat or contact me via email: duane.allen@weechi.ca


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