Team Vision

The Nanaandawewinan Team recognizes that the children and families we work for are first and foremost in all that we do.  Nanaadawewinan is bound by traditional Anishinaabe teachings.  For this reason alone, we want to give to each other from the heart that is the place of truth.

Nanaandawewinan strives to instill the culture into its foundation through acts of love and leadership.  We will continue to preserve the family unit, as we recognize that in the family there is strength and sacredness.  We recognize the importance of children and we pledge to continue to honor their wellbeing.  The children are our strength, our future, and we must collectively prepare them for their future.  Nanaandawewinan will continue to carry out this sacred responsibility to the children.

Nanaandawewinan wants to acknowledge the sacred items we collectively care for; the drum “mango-inini”, the pipes, the Thunderbird tree and sweat lodge.  We look to the aadizsookaanag for strength and guidance in our daily practice.  We recognize the importance of healing, and we are forever grateful for the opportunities to see the children and families progress through a healing process. 

Nanaandawewinan practices humility, and never forgets where they have come from as a healing team.  We recognize the spirit within each other and everyone we come into contact with, always remembering “we are spiritual beings having a human experience”.  Nanaadawewinan comes from humble beginning, recognizing that we have all been there at some point or another in our lives.  We carry within us the importance of traditions, and that from time immemorial these traditions have carried us through – as they come from our ancestors.                      

Nanaandawewinan’s cultural memory runs deep through our veins for it is our blood memory.  We cherish the gifts of our ancestors and seek to bring these cultural teachings into our daily lives and practice.  Nanaadawewinan remembers our founding fathers and the deep and collective pain of our people, before the birth of our agency - Weechi-it-te-win Family Services.  We remember the teachings of purpose of vocation and the unrelenting commitment to make a positive alternative for our children.  We seek to make things well for our people, through our original vision of healthy families and communities.  We know we are not here to fix people, but to walk with them through their journey as the skabewis – the helper.

Nanaandawewinan is always learning, growing, and seeking out the truth.  We want to learn from mistakes and continue to grow together as an agency.  Nanaadawewinan recognizes the transitions of change for our agency, and need for self care and healing.  We want to be steady in our vision, in our truth, and help achieve positive outcomes with children and families.  Nanaadawewinan principles are inclusive to all people within the Weechi-it-te-win system.

Finally, Nanaandawewinan seeks to be spiritual in our principles to create an environment which is therapeutic to youth.  We strive to honor and strengthen each other, and collectively become a blanket of protection that represents cultural strength and security.  We will always gather and prepare for ceremonies, feastings, and challenges, as these are the fundamental gateways back to ourselves.  And through these ceremonies we will find our sustainability as an agency and as a community – for this we are Nanaadawewinan Team.

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