Youth In Transition


807-274-3201 ext. 2112

The Youth-In-Transition Worker will assist eligible youth in creating a Client Service Plan, outlining their goals, identifying their strengths and weaknesses and determining which resources and supports are needed to ensure success in adulthood.

Resources and supports may include:

  • Life Skills: budgeting, household management, health and well being
  • Housing Support: eligibility requirements, resources and applications
  • Educational Resources: exploring programs and schools, locating funding, applications
  • Employment and Training Resources: resume writing, interview skills, employment readiness

The Youth-In-Transition Program is a short-service program. Client Service Plans will be 6-12 weeks in duration, depending on the client's needs. Each client that completes their Client Service Plan will receive a Certificate of Recognition. The Youth-In-Transition Program can provide financial skills training to help prepare youth for independent living and future endeavors.


All youth have a place where they feel welcomed, accepted and valued; all youth are supported and made aware of opportunities available to them; all youth are provided with guidance and encouragement in achieving their unique goals; all youth develop a feeling of self-worth and purpose


To address the needs of youth ages 15 to 24 as they make their transition out of foster care into adulthood; to provide support to at risk and homeless youth in the Rainy River District by working with them and other community partners to offer opportunities that will support their success


Accountability, equality and compassion to our youth

Respect and encourage individual creativity, talents and experiences

Embrace and celebrate diversity

The goal of the Youth-In-Transition Program is to support youth in their successful transition out of the child welfare system into adulthood

For more information on the Youth-In-Transition Program or to request a referral package, please contact:

YIT Worker
807.274.3201 Ext 4019

Youth-in-Transition Brochure

Youth-In-Transition Referral Process

Youth-In-Transition Referral Package

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