The WFS Training Room is now located at 281 1st Street East, Fort Frances, Ontario. This new space can accommodate 20 participants and is located in downtown Fort Frances. We hope that it will be more accessible and convenient for community members that attend,

"All Training that is offered at Weechi-it-te-win Family Services will be modified to reflect the vision of our founders, Moses Tom and Joseph Big George who strongly believed in "Community Care", "Customary Care" and "Community-based Services."

Weechi-it-te-win Family Services Agency Trainer develops and delivers competency-based training to our 10 First Nation Communities.

The Agency Trainer provides family centered, child focused, strength-based and culturally responsive knowledge transfer.

Child Welfare training is approved and certified through the Ontario Association of Children Aid Societies. Weechi-it-te-win also collaborates with the Association of Native Child and Family Services of Ontario to develop culturally competent training curriculums.

We train child welfare workers to support Naaniigaan Abinoojii (First and Foremost - The Child) and Weechi-it-te-win Family Services' commitment to:

  • Preserve Anishinaabe culture and identity amongst our people
  • Strengthen and maintain Anishinaabe Families and through them our communities
  • Ensure the growth, support, and development of all our children within the family and community

The Agency Trainer offers

  • Authorization of child protection workers
  • Case Management Training
  • On Call Training
  • Penlieu Training
  • Family Preservation Training

Re-imagined Pathway to Authorization Series

In 2021, WFS implemented the Re-imagined Pathway to Authorization Series for new child welfare workers. This series includes the following:

  • Uploads: updates on relevant legislation within child welfare, mental health and disabilities.
  • Supervision: gradual assumption of workload and responsibility
  • Review: Candidacy Exam
  • Commitment to Education: consistent professional development training
  • 8 Modules: 15 classroom days, Module 3 is full e-learning, 2 Modules specific to working with Indigenous population

WFS Agency Trainer

"I believe our helpers should be viewed as our extended family members who are there to help in times of crisis, to strengthen, support, and advocate for our community members. I feel it is important to remember that all families have crisis at times and simply need support to help them through. We will always remember that the family has functioned well for many years without our help and how do we support them until they are able to move back towards family harmony again."

281 1st Street East, Fort Frances
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