As part of Weechi-it-te-win's guiding philosophy "Naaniigaan Abinoojii", we consider the child's best interest first and foremost, knowing that the child's identity and spiritual gifts are paramount to his or her healthy development.

Although the information presented on this page belongs to all Anishinaabe and has been passed from generation to generation, we still acknowledge Mr. Lawrence W. Jourdain for his passion, hard work, and dedication in seeking out this knowledge from our elders.

The following practices are based on the traditional teachings that children are a sacred gift from the Creator, to be loved, cherished and cared for in a manner that will safeguard the future of our people.

The rights of Anishinaabe children are inherent in all our customary care practices and include the following.

  1. The right to identity - anishinabewin - to know who he/she is within the context of his or her heritage and culture
  2. The right to know, learn, and speak his/her language - anishinaabemowin
  3. The right to traditional healing - miinigoosiwin - that reinforce his/her identity and cultural pride
  4. The right to a good life, minobimaatiziwin
  5. The right to land - Anishinaabe akiig - for the child's future lies in the land
  6. The right to a lifestyle - anishinaabechigewin - that offers opportunity for good health, prosperity, and happiness
  7. The right to education - kinamaatiwin - that includes opportunities to learn experientially from his or her people, in addition to learning from books in formal institutions
  8. The right to their spiritual name - Anishinaabe ishinikaasowin
  9. The right to know and be a member of his or her clan - ododemun
  10. The right to protection both inside and outside of the family - shawentaasoo-in and ganawentasoowin
  11. The right to live a life full of purpose
  12. The right to know and be a part of his or her family - gutsiimuh

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