"Nizigos Nimishomeh Endaad" Semi-Independent Living Home

The development of a semi-independent living home came from a clear need to support youth leaving care by ensuring they are prepared to live independently.

In 2020, Weechi-it-te-win Family Services engaged with its' affiliated First Nations regarding a semi-independent living Home. A survey was developed and delivered to youth and Community Care Supervisors. Data from these surveys was integrated to form various aspects of this program. Survey results showed that this program must promote and build life and self-care skills. Youth need routine, healthy support systems and cultural connections prior to leaving care. The Home must ensure youth have strong linkages with ongoing support after they leave care. This semi-independent living home should be a family-like home setting, not a staffing model; it should be a setting where youth hold responsibility while living in the home and learn how to form and maintain positive relationships.

As a result of the survey, the Semi-Independent Living Home was developed as a live-in caregiver model to ensure that youth have appropriate independence, balanced with structure and guidance within a homelife atmosphere.

Nizigos Nimishomeh Endaad Semi-Independent Living Home - Operating Philosophy

The overall philosophy of the Nizigos Nimishomeh Endaad Semi-Independent Living Home is based on the customary ways within Anishinaabe Family systems. At Weechi-it-te-win Family Services, we look toward our culture and customs for solutions because we know and understand that our ways have worked in raising children and supporting young adults since the beginning of time. The term Nizigos Nimishomeh Endaad translates in English to "aunty - uncles house"

Traditionally, it is the role and duty of aunties and uncles to provide guidance and direction, and even positive/constructive discipline to young Anishinaabe as they transition to becoming adults. The relationship between adolescents and their aunties/uncles is a relationship that is based on respect and friendship. The traditional role of aunties/uncles can differ depending on maternal and paternal lineage; however, the common denominator is that aunties and uncles are additional parents that expresses love, kindness, guidance, direction, and role modelling.

The Semi-Independent Home is based on the concept of a live-in caregiver to take on the traditional role of auntie/uncle and provide support guidance and mentoring for youth that live in the home.

Home Description

Nizigos Nimishomeh Endaad (Auntie/Uncles Home) is a residential Home for youth ages 17-20 to help prepare them to live independently by providing guidance, skills, and support within a home and family-like atmosphere.

The Home is specifically designed to assist and support youth who recently left the care of Weechi-it-te-win Family Services or those who are planning to leave care.

The Home focuses on wholistic well-being (physical, financial, cognitive, mental health, emotional health, spiritual wellbeing, cultural and identity development), knowledge building and skill development for independent living.

Nizigos Nimishomeh Endaad is a house located in downtown Fort Frances, Ontario. The home accommodates two youth and "Live-in Caregiver(s)" with private bedrooms and shared kitchen, dining and living areas. The third floor is reserved for respite caregivers who step in to provide care for the youth when the caregiver needs time to him/her/themselves.

Youth that reside in this setting agree to rules and responsibilities that are designed to facilitate successful transition to independence. Youth are required to attend school or work full-time or both. They are also required to pay for rent, food, and other minor bills such as their phone service. Youth will be required to put aside a certain percentage towards their savings while residing at the Home and must actively work toward finding a suitable independent living situation. All youth that reside at the home are also expected to participate in a minimum of 2 sessions every month with the WFS Youth in Transition Worker, the sessions may or may not include group-based programs.

The Live-In Caregiver(s) are expected to take to provide guidance and support for the youth. This includes ensuring structure and routine, providing rides, ensuring safety, managing the household, and working with the youth to ensure meals are planned and prepared.

Youth may reside in this Home for up to 12 months depending on their goals and needs.

Nizigos Nimishomeh Endaad Semi-Independent Living Home - Vision, Mission and


"We envision, all youth having a place to call home where they feel welcomed, accepted, and valued; We see a future for youth, where they have the skills, resources, and strong connections required to successfully transition to adulthood."


"Our Mission is to assist youth ages 17-20 as they make their transition out of care into independence by providing layers of support, guidance, and encouragement."

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