Chris Henderson - Board of Director, Vice President

Roy Morrison - Corporate Member


Lucille Morrisseau - Board of Director

Dave Bruyere - Corporate Member

Lac La Croix:

Chief Carrie Atatise-Norwegian - Board of Director, President

Big Grassy:

Brian Major - Board of Director

Seine River:

Chief John Kabatay - Board of Director

Tom Johnson - Corporate Member


Garry Windigo - Board of Director, Secretary/Treasurer

Clayton Windigo - Corporate Member

Anishinaabeg of Naongashiing:

Chief Wes Big George - Board of Director

Virginia Handorgan - Corporate Member


Adrian Snowball - Board of Director

Rhonda Smith - Corporate Member

Rainy River First Nations:

Chief Marcel Medicine-Horton - Board of Director

Karen Oster-Bombay - Corporate Member

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