Weechi-it-te-win Family Services Inc.
1455 Idylwild Drive (Nanicost Building)
Fort Frances, Ontario P9A 3M3


Weechi-it-te-win Family Services Inc.
P.O. Box 812
Fort Frances, Ontario P9A 3N1


Phone: 807-274-3201
Fax: 807-274-8435


Emergency Services
24 hour response: 807-274-3201


Title Email Phone # 807-274-3201
Laurie Rose Executive Director Ext. 4053
Shannon Blight Director of Nanaandawewenin shannon.blight@weechi.ca Ext. 2410
Arlene Bruyere-Parker Director of Naaniigaan Abinoojii arlene.parker@weechi.ca Ext. 4043
Dean Wilson Director of Administration dean.wilson@weechi.ca Ext. 4041
Jackie DeBenedet Human Resources Officer jackie.debenedet@weechi.ca Ext. 4065
Angela Yerxa Receptionist ange.yerxa@weechi.ca Ext. 4040
Sarah Windigo Sr. Accounting Clerk sarah.kelly@weechi.ca Ext. 4062
Roger Chiasson IT/Systems Manager roger.chiasson@weechi.ca Ext. 4061
Riley Pollard IT Support itsupport@weechi.ca Ext. 4060
Florence Chartrand Program Secretary florence.chartrand@weechi.ca Ext. 4051
Danielle Bruyere Special Projects Coordinator danielle.bruyere@weechi.ca Ext. 4052
Trish Mainville Accounting Clerk trish.mainville@weechi.ca Ext. 4064
Aaron McIntosh Accountant aaron.mcintosh@weechi.ca Ext. 4055
Sasha Galbraith Jordan's Principle Coordinator wfs.jp.coordinator@weechi.ca Ext. 4011
Samantha Heyens Executive Assistant sam.heyens@weechi.ca Ext. 4021
Robbie Crowe Privacy Officer wfs.privacy.officer@weechi.ca Ext. 4019
Don Smith Cultural Coordinator


Ext. 4050
Bill Morrison Community Relations bill.morrison@weechi.ca Ext. 4012
Andrea Debungie I&A Worker andrea.debungie@weechi.ca Ext. 4042
Beatrice McMillen I&A Worker beatrice.mcmillen@weechi.ca Ext. 4044
Jenna Morrisseau Community Support Technician jenna.morrisseau@weechi.ca Ext. 4013
Brittany Bowman Community Support Technician brittany.bowman@weechi.ca Ext. 4015
Violet Indian Community Support Technician violet.indian@weechi.ca Ext. 4063
Sandra Stevens I&A Manager sandra.stevens@weechi.ca Ext. 4052
Donna Mainville Alternative Care Coordinator donna.mainville@weechi.ca Ext. 4020
Duane Allen Quality Assurance Specialist duane.allen@weechi.ca Ext. 4054
Raylene Johnson-Firth Program Data Specialist raylene.johnson@weechi.ca Ext. 4048
Vacant Program Data Specialist
Jess Badiuk Intake Worker jess.badiuk@weechi.ca Ext. 4049
Dana White Youth Resource Lead


Ext. 4014
Anthony Andrusco Clinical Services Coordinator anthony.andrusco@weechi.ca Ext. 2415
Andrew McCormick Clinical Team Leader andy.mccormick@weechi.ca Ext. 2416
Phyllis Pierson Youth in Transition Worker phyllis.l.pierson@weechi.ca Ext. 2112
Sierra Cousineau Housing Support Coordinator sierra.cousineau@weechi.ca Ext. 2111
Nancy Indian Family Counselor nancy.indian@weechi.ca Ext. 2417
Darren Yerxa Family Counselor darren.yerxa@weechi.ca Ext. 2414
Cheyenne Calder Family Counselor cheyenne.calder@weechi.ca Ext. 2418
Shana Windigo Staff Trainer shana.windigo@weechi.ca Ext. 2419
Megan Perry Ext. 2219
Arlene Tucker Tele-Mental Health Coordinator arlene.tucker@weechi.ca Ext. 2411
Bobby Atatise Tele-Mental Health Assistant bobby.atatise@weechi.ca Ext. 2412
Ed Yerxa Family Healing Program Manager ed.yerxa@weechi.ca Ext. 1005
Fern Tookenay Program Manger Assistant fern.tookenay@weechi.ca Ext. 1003
Heidi Bolen-Kreger Intake Treatment Specialist heidi.bolen-kreger@weechi.ca Ext. 1006
Karen Geerken Cultural Treatment Specialist karen.ottertail-shine@weechi.ca Ext. 1009
Katie Mowe Aftercare Treatment Specialist katie.mowe@weechi.ca Ext. 1002
Jeremy Jordan Treatment Support Specialist jeremy.jordan@weechi.ca Ext. 1003
Mervyn Rose Building Facilities Supervisor merv.rose@weechi.ca
Gary Smith Aftercare Clinician gary.smith@weechi.ca Ext. 1014
Garrett Howells Land Based Coordinator garrett.howells@weechi.ca Ext. 1016
Michelle Strachan Development Support Services Manager michelle.strachan@weechi.ca Ext. 2213
Karmon Perrault DSS Administrative Assistant karmon.perrault@weechi.ca Ext. 2210
Beulah Perreault Developmental Therapist beulah.perreault@weechi.ca Ext. 2211
Christine Badiuk Developmental Therapist christine.badiuk@weechi.ca Ext. 2212
Elizabeth Tucker Intake Coordinator-Family Navigator elizabeth.bruyere-tucker@weechi.ca Ext. 2217
Laureen Hill Communication Assistant laureen.hill@weechi.ca Ext. 2215
McKenna Begin Communication Assistant mckenna.begin@weechi.ca Ext. 2216
Iline Yerxa Education Liaison iline.yerxa@weechi.ca Ext. 2214
Dylan Mainville Cultural Developmental Therapy Provider dylan.mainville@weechi.ca Ext. 2218
Taylor McQuaker Early Intervention Worker taylor.mcquaker@weechi.ca Ext. 2233
Megan Perry Developmental Therapist


Ext. 2219
Erika Jourdain Education Liaison


Ext. 2214
Samantha Bruyere-Tucker Behavioural Interventionalist behavioural.intervention4@weechi.ca ​​​​​​ Ext. 2235

B1455 Idylwild Drive Fort Frances, Ontario, Canada, P9A 3M3     AP.O. Box 812, Fort Frances, Ontario, Canada, P9A 3N1

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