We acknowledge that every family system has strengths. However, there are times when stress in families gets to the breaking point. Regular patterns of daily living can change and children find themselves without the support, guidance and protection they require for healthy growth and development.

In some situations, the parents, while present are unable to cope with their children's needs and simply "burn out". This can be due to many different life stressors some of which may include grief, addictions, mental/physical health issues, breakup of a relationship or family violence. Weechi-it-te-win Family Services and their respective Community Care Teams strive to support the healing and recovery from these difficult and overwhelming situations while ensuring child safety.

The Investigation & Assessment Unit is the single point of access for child protection referrals to Weechi-it-te-win Family Services. Child protection referrals may include new allegations of child maltreatment, file transfers from other agencies, or new allegations of child maltreatment on an open case.

Weechi-it-te-win's Jurisdiction

WFS and its' 10 First Nations Ministry regulated boundaries fall within the district of Rainy River; however, our families expound this geographical area and access to their First Nations is boundless.

The Weechi-it-te-win IA Unit respects the concept of Community Care and as such the First Nation CCP is consulted on all referrals received by the unit. First Nation Community Care Programs are pivotal throughout the investigation and assessment process. Investigations and Assessment are always conducted with community consultation and engagement.

The unit is comprised as follows:

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