The Community Support Technicians work in partnership with each of the 10 Community Care Program Supervisors to provide case management support, advisory services, liaison, training, and authorizations.

Community Support Technician - Jenna Morrisseau (Couchiching, Seine River)

Phone: 807-274-3201 Ext. 4013

Community Support Technician - Cheryl L. LaBelle (Anishinaabeg of Naongashiing/Big Island & Mishkosiminiziibiin/Big Grassy)

Phone: 807-274-3201 Ext. 4015

Community Support Technician - Violet Indian (Lac La Croix, Naicatchewenin & Mitaajigamiing)

Phone: 807-274-3201 Ext. 4063 Email:

Community Support Technician- Angela Yerxa (Naicatchewenin & Nigigoosiminikaaning)

Phone: 807-274-3201 Ext. 4040 Email:

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