Nanaandawewenin Vision

"Nanaandawewenin envisions a healing and support system that is culturally safe, trauma informed, and easily accessible for the ten First Nations."

Nanaandawewenin Mission

The Nanaandawewenin mission does not stray from that of Weechi-it-te-win Family Services. We seek to serve our people in a manner that reflects our way of life and honors our beliefs and cultural practices. We will continue to implement our "Anishinaabe alternative" to the mainstream system because we fully understand that this system has often oppressed and traumatized our people. We seek to empower our people to actualize their goals, and to walk with them through the challenges and barriers they may encounter.

"Our mission through all healing and support programs is to uphold Anishinaabe culture and identity, to strengthen families and through them our communities, and to assure the growth and development of Anishinaabe children within their families and communities."

The mission not only applies to all direct service providers, it also applies to the Agency Trainer and other supportive/capacity building programs that are within the Nanaandawewenin Team.

  1. Nanaandawewenin Service Model - Community Care

Weechi-it-te-win's Family Healing Program, Clinical Team, Developmental Support Services, and Capacity Building program are not built on western theories or models. Nanaandawewenin programs uphold the vision of Weechi-it-te-win Family Services and will always strive to implement "Anishinaabe alternatives" to the mainstream system. We are dedicated to upholding Anishinaabe culture and identity and work to strengthen and preserve families. The Nanaandawewenin programs are unique and demonstrate proficiency within both worldviews; and although Anishinaabe standards form the foundation, each program is obligated to abide by the ethical standards within their professions and adhere to the laws and regulations as determined by Ontario.

"Each Nanaandawewenin program has specific program objectives; however, all are bonded under the Nanaandawewenin Service Model. The Nanaandawewenin Service Model is a precise representation of the vision and mandate of Weechi-it-te-win Family Services, this model places "Community Care" at the front and centre of all services."

  • Community Care is supporting community growth and development as determined by the community.
  • It is about "helping" to operationalize community-based and community driven services.
  • It includes being an asset or providing resources based on the needs of the family/community.
  • Community Care is the priority of all Nanaandawewenin programs.

Nanaandawewenin programs are designed to support each of the First Nations. As such, when it comes to program development, planning, design, implementation, and service delivery, our first consultation will always be with the community. Our first task is to consult and ensure that we are following the customary ways of the community. Our second task is to provide that service in a trauma informed and culturally safe manner. Our third task is to determine if the community would like to provide the service to their member. Whenever, possible we give the first opportunity for service provision to the community.

  1. Program Values

The Nanaandawewenin Team abides by a set of values which serve as a guide to practice for our healing and support programs. As previously noted, the Nanaandawewenin is a team of healing and support programs that work directly with families and communities to provide support, assistance, and opportunities for healing.

The importance of having a set of Program Values is as follows:

  • How we treat ourselves and our co-workers is a determining factor in how we will treat those we serve. We must be able to put ourselves in their shoes and model a healthy value system.
  • Values can and will help guide decisions, including decisions that pertain to service planning.
  • Values help to create a positive work environment.
  • Values provide vision for the future that we want to create.
  • Values serve as a guide for professional development and personal growth

The type of work conducted by the Nanaandawewenin Team can be emotionally, mentally, spiritually. and even physically challenging. Our team responds to children, youth and families that have experienced significant trauma and/or grief and that is why the primary value within this work environment is "teamwork." The concept of teamwork is closely related to the word Weechi-it-te-win which means working together and helping. Weechi-it-te-win is a verb, not a noun; it is what happens when the energies of many people work in unison toward a common goal; it is a dynamic way of helping. Teamwork is the first value because it demonstrates that great things can be accomplished, and huge obstacles can be overcome when everyone works together for the greater good.

Another important value that governs the Nanaandawewenin team is respect. Respect demonstrates acceptance; being aware of internal biases; not having unreasonable expectations of the people we work with; and refraining from imposing our beliefs upon them. Instead, we listen, accept, help, and support our clients to accomplish their own self-directed goals. Respect not only pertains to the people that we work with, but it also includes their way of life, their histories, community, living environments, and their belief systems. Respect is not only given to the people we serve, but to every member of the team, and to ourselves.

Compassion is an important value for the Nanaandawewenin team. Compassion means accepting and understanding someone for exactly who they are and where they are at. Compassion is the opposite of judgement. Compassion involves genuine kindness which is offered to all people that are involved in the Nanaandawewenin programs as well as to everyone on the team.

Diligence is a value that is carried by the Nanaandawewenin Team. It involves going above and beyond the call of duty to help people that are accessing our programs. Diligence is about not giving up on others no matter how many times they falter or fall. It is about doing what must be done, no matter the time and effort, to ensure that others are safe and supported.

The Nanaandawewenin team strives for excellence and not perfection. We understand that mistakes will be made but we will be accountable for those mistakes, understanding that most often these mistakes are not intentional. Nanaandawewenin Team members are always open to new growth, education, and teachings. We seek to constantly improve our services to better meet the needs of the communities.

Nanaandawewenin Team Values

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