Process Flow Chart As Per Personnel Policy As Approved And Adopted By The Board Of Directors

Dated August 11, 2014.


Step 1 Advertisement

Lateral Transfer or Promotion - Open to existing employees. Advertised up to a maximum of 10 days.

Non-probationary Employees must submit a letter of interest to be considered to the Human Resource Manager with a copy to his/her supervisor prior to deadline date.

Senior Management screen applications. If there are several viable candidates, interviews will be conducted by the senior team. The senior team has the authority to make a decision with respect to a lateral transfer or promotion request and must provide supporting documentation to the personnel committee.

All applications will be recorded and stamped/dated as received incoming mail at reception.

Step 2 Advertisement

Advertisement for a maximum of 10 days at Weechi-it-te-win and the Administration Offices of the 10 First Nations.

Applications received in writing, fax and/or electronic at Weechi-it-te-win's office and postmarked prior to the set time and date for receipt of applications (the "Closing Date") shall be considered.

All applicants must submit a cover letter (signed and dated), a resume, and three (3) references (one must be employment related) with permission to contact those identified references. Applications submitted without all required documentation will not be considered.

All applicants will receive acknowledgement letters.

Step 3 Advertisement

Step 3 Advertisement of the recruitment process is open to the public. This step consists of publicly advertising for a period not exceeding 10 working days for applications. The advertisement must indicate that the job applicants will be required to have knowledge and/or experience with the language, culture, history and customs of the First Nations listed in Section 0103 of the Personnel Policy.

The same aforementioned recruitment and selection process will be followed until a suitable list of candidates is obtained for interview.

If applications do not meet criteria as outlined in the application process, the Executive Director may authorize the external posting (outside of local news/media) of the position. Each of the candidates selected for an interview shall be contacted, in writing, and requested to attend an interview with the Personnel Committee.

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