Clinical Services Coordinator

Clinical Services Coordinator

The Clinical Services Coordinator is responsible for coordinating all psychological services provided by Weechi-it-te-win Family Services. The Clinical Services Coordinator is the primary resource link for the First Nation Family Counsellor Program. The Clinical Services Coordinator also serves as the single point of access and coordinator for the WFS Crisis Response Services.

Psychological Services Coordination

  • Psychological Assessment
  • Psychoeducational/Psychometric Assessment
  • Developmental Assessment
  • Neuropsychological Assessment
  • ODSP Assessment
  • Parent and Family Capacity Assessment

Capacity Building

  • Clinical Support and Mentoring to CCP Family Counselors
  • Orientation and on-site mentoring to newly-hired CCP Family Counselors
  • Case mentoring/clinical consultation for CCP Family Counselors on an as-needed basis
  • Individual and peer clinical supervision (networking sessions) for CCP Family Counselors
  • Capacity building on brief assessment and reporting for the CCP Family Counselors
  • Provides training to CCP in areas of assessment, coordination and clinical case management

Crisis Response

  • Single Point of Access for Crisis Response Services
  • Primary Lead and Liaison for WFS during Crisis Response
  • Implements WFS Crisis Response Policy

Clinical Services Coordinator

Phone: 807-274-3201 ext. 4063
Fax: 807-274-8435

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B1455 Idylwild Drive Fort Frances, Ontario P9A 3M3   x807-274-3201   j24 Hour Response: 1-800-465-2911   NStaff Directory

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