Quality Assurance and Service Complaints

Quality Assurance and Service Complaints

The role of the Quality Assurance is to ensure that high standards and best practices are taught, maintained, and problems are rapidly identified and addressed.

In order to fulfill this role quality assurance is responsible for: Monitoring of the Society's licensing requirements: file compliance, policies, procedures, as well as case management processes through:

  1. The development and dissemination of standards and guidelines.
  2. Collecting feedback via CCP staff engagement, and forwarding to upper management.
  3. Collecting data via quarterly file reviews.
  4. Providing reports and recommendations on issues identified through the quarterly audits.
  5. Training and support to CCP regarding file compliance.

Quality Assurance also includes defining practice standards, both western and cultural, developing tools, clarifying internal and external service processes, gathering and analyzing data for policy development, monitoring of services.

Service Complaints

"If you have a complaint about our services or the conduct of our staff, you have a right to be heard"

Our Service Complaint Procedure at Weechi-it-te-win is a structure process that can involve from 1 to 5 steps. The process allows our clients to be heard even if they are not satisfied with their initial meeting.

Service Complaint procedure brochure

Meet the Quality Assurance Team

Quality Assurance Specialist

Duane Allen
807-274-3201 ext. 4054
Email: duane.allen@weechi.ca

Data Specialist (Vacant)


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