Service Complaints

Service Complaints

Weechi-it-te-win's Naag-gu-chich-chi-gaa-win Method

To initiate a review of a complaint or concern, it must be received in writing by the Quality Assurance Specialist or in the case of a conflict of interest, an alternate of the Agency will be designated by the Executive Director, and the complaint or concern should include:

  1. the nature of the complaint or disagreement;
  2. date(s);
  3. who is affected and how;
  4. possible solution;
  5. name and contact information of the complainant.

A “complaint” may include any issue concerning the services provided to children and families from Weechi-it-te-win Family Services.

A complaint shall be resolved by using the following process:

  1. Immediately upon receipt of the written complaint, it shall be referred to the Quality Assurance Specialist to assess the merits of the complaint and make a determination on a referral to the Naag-gu-chichi-chi-gaa-win Committee;
  2. Within seven (7) days of Weechi-it-te-win Family Services receipt of a written complaint, correspondence will be sent by the Quality Assurance Specialist to the complainant which will outline a determination of eligibility for review of the complaint by the Naag-gu-chichi-gaa-win Committee;
  3. If a complaint is determined to be eligible for review by the Naag-gu-chichi-chi-gaa-win Committee, the response will include the date, time and location for a meeting with the Committee. The meeting shall be held within fourteen (14) days after the date the written notice is sent to the complainant or at such later time as may be requested by the complainant. An internal review and investigation will take place after the date the written notice is sent to the complainant;
  4. The Naa-gu-chichi-chi-gaa Committee members shall make every reasonable effort to accommodate a request by the complainant to schedule the meeting at a later time as may be mutually convenient for the complainant and Naa-gu-chichi-gaa Committee members;
  5. The complainant shall be permitted to bring a representative, as may be required;
  6. Within fourteen (14) days after the Naa-gu-chichi-chi-gaa Committee meeting date, a written summary on the outcome of the meeting including any agreed upon action plan or next steps will be provided to the Executive Director and complainant;
  7. If the complaint is related to a service not being provided by a member of a Customary Care team then the concern would be referred to the First Nation for immediate action. The internal review process as set out by the First Nation would be adhered to. The First Nation would be required to provide documentation as follow-up which outlines the response of the First Nation to the concern within ten (10) business days. In the event that the concern remains unresolved by the First Nation within this period, then the complainant may access the complaint process of Weechi-it-te-win Family Services;
  8. Utilization of Anishinaabe protocols including the eagle feather, four medicines (tobacco, sage, sweet grass and cedar), elder and Maango Inini may be included in the process, as may be required.
  9. The decisions of the Agency, once it has completed the Internal Review Process, are deemed final.

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