Youth In Transition Program

Youth In Transition Program


We envision, all youth having a place to call home where they feel welcomed, accepted and valued; We see a future for youth, where they have the skills, resources, and strong connections required to successfully transition to adulthood.


Our Mission is to assist youth ages 15-24 as they make their transition out of care into adulthood by providing one to one support, and group based educational programs, aimed at enhancing health and wellness and building essential life skills.

Youth in Transition Program Values

  • The Youth in Transition Worker understands that oftentimes our youth have been let down, and therefore we value Accountability. We will follow through on our commitments, we will not cancel meetings, and we will be consistent in our services.
  • The Youth in Transition Program promotes equality and celebrates diversity. We are allies for youth that identify as T-SLGBTQ.
  • The Youth in Transition Program promotes compassion. We understand that being in the child welfare system was not easy. We will always listen and help in a caring and compassionate manner.
  • The Youth in Transition Program will respect youth on all levels and meet them where they are at. You will be treated with the dignity and respect at our program.
  • The Youth in Transition Program believes that youth require a strong sense of connection to their Anishinaabe identity and will provide opportunities for cultural attachment to occur. We believe in our traditional teachings for when youth enter manhood/womanhood, as such, we provide opportunities for youth to find their gifts and develop their purpose.

Program Goals

  1. To support youth in their successful transition to independent living and adulthood
  2. To ensure youth have access to vital resources and opportunities that promote a safety network and ongoing support system
  3. To provide guidance and encouragement for youth as they work toward their pre-determined goals
  4. To promote a sense of self-worth and pride in their Identity and to assist youth in finding their sense of purpose.
  5. To build capacity so that youth have the knowledge, skills, and support systems in place as they move toward independent living.
  6. To listen and act upon the words provided by our youth in relation to the services and supports they need.

The Youth-In-Transition Worker will assist eligible youth outlining their goals, identifying their strengths and challenge areas, and will help to determine which resources and supports are needed to ensure success in adulthood.

Resources and supports may include:

  • Life Skills Programs that support living independently
  • Housing Access Support
  • Educational Planning and Support
  • Employment Training and Resume Development
  • Job Readiness Workshops
  • We offer specialized training programs that include training stipends
  • Cultural programs that support individual wellness
  • Introduction to Trade Skills

For more information on the Youth-In-Transition Program or to request a referral package, please contact:

YIT Worker
807.274.3201 Ext 2112

Youth-In-Transition Referral Package

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